Brandy and Alexander (1991)

This Paul Thomas picture (Jack Remy is credited, VCA’s packaging states Thomas did it and he is credited as the producer, so we’ll go with that), which he made for VCA in 1991, tells the story of Brandy (Jeanna Fine) and Alexander (Jon Dough), a couple who meet after a mix up at the local laundry. It looks like these two are going to hit it off, once they contact each other to get their duds back, but soon there are a few easy to make mistakes creeping into the picture that leads to a few interesting sexual encounters on pretty much everyone’s part.

A nice mix of humor and genuinely erotic sex, Brandy And Alexander us well paced, well shot, and well directed. The cast is interesting, with Ms. Fine at the top of her game here and looking fantastic throughout (even if her hair and wardrobe looks a little dated), dominating four of the seven scenes that make up the bulk of this seventy-six minute movie. A decent pick for couples interested in broadening their horizons as it doesn’t feature anything particularly nasty or offensive, at least as far as porno goes, and the playful streak makes it more amusing than a lot of other, more recent fare.

  • Scene 1. Jeanna Fine
  • Scene 2. Alicyn Sterling, Jon Dough
  • Scene 3. Britt Morgan, Ernest Hemmingway
  • Scene 4. Heather Hart, Jeanna Fine, Sikki Nixx, Tom Byron
  • Scene 5. Jeanna Fine, Micky Ray
  • Scene 6. K.C. Williams, Jon Dough
  • Scene 7. Jeanna Fine, Jon Dough