L’année des méduses (Year of the Jellyfish) (1984)

As every summer, Chris spends his vacation in St. Tropez with her mother. . At 16, she is no longer a teenager. . Aggressive and sensual, she usually plays his body. However, the fate of a wounded conjunction with Vic, a friend of his parents, still in love with her. It accuses its cowardice and irresponsibility when, pregnant with her work, she had to have an abortion.
Today it has only one purpose; seduce Romain, a gigolo for easy customer, totally the opposite of Vic, and it is love in secret for several years. Don Juan beaches, Roman rises girls provided by number of billionaires esseulés.

. Chris, protected by his environment, is not part of his game potential. Moreover, it considers the treaty. . However, it is sincerely attracted by Claude, the mother of Chris, a worldly done to quarantine attractive and thoughtful. itself sensitive to its charm. Chris develops into a violent jealousy. îne un couple de touristes, Peter et Barbara, qu’elle pousse à se séparer. She then her Despite drowns in a game of seduction perverse that it leads a couple of tourists, Peter and Barbara, it pushes to separate.
. At the same time, it rekindles the desire to Vic to return immediately to his home. . Roman does not mean that his advances. Suddenly, it threatens to reveal his father’s liaison with Claude. Roman agrees to see her on his boat, ; she shouts his love, but it deals kid; Chris does not interest. Love him it is in his view, trade and Romain offers the charms of Barbara to a rich and old acquaintance who is none other than the father of Vic.