Que nos quiten lo bailao (1983)

translation for “saint google”

“I removed it bailao” is a popular term used to say that the negative
consequences that may arise after something has happened, can not annul
the pleasure of it already. In other words, when you’ve seen a gratifying
moment, no matter what happens because nobody can take it away.

I removed the bailao (bailao = danced, dancing participle) is used when
one morning to work (for example) is reached, cast dust, after almost no
sleep at all, with a big hangover from the big party you hit him the night
before. So you say, look, today I’m really bad, but I removed it bailao,
meaning that you worth the suffering you are going to spend today for not
having slept it touched for having gone on holiday.

So no, to enjoy life and, if ever you find yourself badly by the surf or
I’re late for having fallen asleep after a great spree …
que os quiten lo bailao!


The plot focuses on the coexistence of Christians and Muslims in a small
town located in the ancient kingdom of Valencia between the fifteenth and
sixteenth centuries.
Isabel, daughter of the Marquis of Mocorroño, is kidnapped and sold in the slave market, falling in the hands of Sultan Al-Parrus (Al (prefix) = the. Parrus = pussy. (In this case would eat pussies), which requires Marquis ransom.
the Marquis sent to Don Fernando to rescue.

A parody centered at a party with all sorts of elements to make it
unforgettable. It will have several frames: love, kidnapping, ..
and very peculiar people, from sultans, virgins, eunuchs, dancers, …
Based on the history between Christians and Muslims in a Valencian town
between the XV and XVI and it also features musical moments.