Trois lycéennes à Paris (1979)

Alternate Titles
3 lycéennes à Paris title as displayed in credits
Le Avventure Erotiche di Tre Pornoliceali a Parigi Italy, a title also stuck at the front of a totally different film
Drei Schülerinnen in Paris West Germany, Mike Hunter, box falsely credits Lasse Braun
Trois lycéennes en chaleur 1980

Iris (Marilyn Jess) is taken away by her parents in disgrace from the school she attended in Collégiennes à tout faire. We see her tearful in the back of the car and reminiscing about the fun (sex) she had at school (flashbacks).

Her parents throw a birthday party for her, but most of the guests are middle-aged, and she feels left out at her own party, until Marbeuf persuades her to join in the dancing, during which she displays an impressive cleavage while her mother looks on disapprovingly. Then there’s a slow tune and the only young male guest at the party (Pjotr Stanislas) asks her to dance. During the dance they sneak into an alcove and have sex, hidden (but not very well) by some flimsy strands forming a curtain. Her mother discovers them in flagrante and Iris is thrown out of her home.

She wanders through a fairground until she decides to phone up her schoolfriends – she has to stand over a drunk lying in the phone box. Next morning Mika and Céline fetch her from a pavement café in a car. On the way they spot their former male teacher and pick him up while he is talking to a policeman. Iris takes the opportunity to moon the policeman from the back of the car. They return to the old school and are reunited with their old headmistress.

A few sex scenes follow with the girls trying to seduce the male teacher (sometimes while fantasizing about Pjotr) and then being interrupted by the headmistress. Then there is a foursome between the three girls and Pjotr. Finally a masked fancy dress party is held which becomes an orgy (but archive footage probably used) and Iris feels left out again. The film ends with her wandering through the fairground again.