Heiße Nächte auf Schloß Dracula (1978)

Director: Reginald Puhl (as D. Laniger)

Starring: Gina Janssen, Mariano Perez, Elke Lefebre, Renate Ahlers, Trixi Drexler, Lydia Linley, Paulette Kahn, Bodil Eckhardt,Anita Holm, Babsi Ludemann, Vera Quandt, Jim Bayliss, Berger Schmidt, Bodo Winter, Herbert Warnke
Description: A newly-wed couple is lured to Schloss Schreckenstein, the residence of Count Dracula – condemned for all eternity for shagging his grandmother. Soon, Eva is under his spell and is taken away to be the centre of an orgy. The apparent purpose of the exercise is to fill her up with spunk before the Count takes a bite.