Pio thermi kai ap’ ton ilio (1972)

Director: Omiros Efstratiadis

Anna Fonsou
Andreas Barkoulis
Hristos Nomikos
Faidon Georgitsis
Nina Sgouridou

Synopsis from an old mini review of mine:

This is an interesting, little known Greek psycho sexual drama which contains plenty of sex, some sleaze and a brief bit of mild gore for good measure.
Eleana (played by Anna Fonsou) is a prostitute who appears to have been abused when she was younger. During her daily encounters with various clients, she meets a young labourer called Christos whom she momentarily tries to develop a normal relationship with. Old habits die hard and she soon hits the streets again but it’s too late, Christos has become infatuated with Eleana and plans to marry her. Gradually, the pressure and stress of the situation starts to take it’s toll on Eleana’s sanity and leads to a surreal, nightmarish climax!.

Actors: Anna Fonsou