Bocca bianca, bocca nera (1986)

Ajita Wilson and Marina Hedman compete to win Gabriel Pontello, using their oral skills, hence, presumably, the title.

Ajita Wilson was born a man, george Wilson. He started out as a tranvestite entertainer in the redlight district of New York. Wilson had a sex change in the mid-1970s. After the operation she started appearing in adult films in New York. But she was discovered by a European hard core film producer who got her roles in various French and Italian Films of hard core nature. In 1978 she made a crossover into softcore European films. She work in a series of softcore and hard core films over the years. In 1987 Wilson got into an automobile accident and died of a brain hemmorhage.

After Ajita Wilson’s death, an interviewer for “Sinister Tales” asked director Carlos Aured to comment on speculation about wheather Ajita Wilson was a transsexual or not. Aured simply replied: “She was charming, beautiful and very professional. The rest is not important.”