Das Frauenhaus (1977)

An unrepentantly terrible softcore stripper spy caper that should have won awards for set decoration on an extreme budget. I’m pretty sure most of the decor came from the european dollar store, along with all the aluminum foil the cast & crew could scrounge up from their houses.

So yes, obviously I liked it! Blue Rita and her “troop of lesbians” may not be very good spies, but they have a lovely strip club to boast of.  They also invented a new kind of paint that causes psychosexual torture, which is impressive I guess. Nice work everyone.

This may be the most visually interesting of the films that Jess Franco made for Erwin Dietrich. There are echos of Kubrick, Bava and Jodorowski here; that is, if any of them were to make a weird SpyFi softcore porn film. The plot is pure crazytown, with Rita, a stripper spy with apparently damaged genitals, kidnapping and torturing rich male patrons to get their secrets and their money. The men are kept chained up in subterranean cages and have green goo poured on them to make them perpetually horny with no relief in sight and it’s refreshing just to see Jess torture the boys for a change. It doesn’t really make a lick of sense, with everyone seeming to be a double or triple agent, but the cinematography is far better than this thing deserves, with one deliriously goofy set piece after another. Another eccentric, erotic delight from Mr. Franco that more than transcends it’s simple softcore roots.