Ricordi di notte (1986)

This is one of Karin Schubert’s first ‘proper’ hardcore pornographic films, if not the first (I am not counting her non-simulated sex scene in Black Emanuelle). We are constantly reminded of this, because many of the sex scenes that don’t involve Karin in persona are inter-cut with shots of her watching from the side. This does not serve any real plot purposes, it’s just the director shouting at his audience “Hey, it’s Karin! In a porn flick!”.

The production values are pretty good by genre standards, but the end product is still the usual never-ending sequence of mindless sex scenes. The voice-over (from Karin’s character) is used as a gimmick to suggest some kind of coherent plot, but this never works.

On the plus side, the director (credited as “Paul Bryan”) made an effort in going for unusual sexual positions and combinations. That had limited success, but the only scene that really stands out as memorable involves the young Roberto Malone, two women separated by 10 meters, a hedge and a balcony. I better leave it at that hint.

Alternate Titles
Feuer der Begierden Mike Hunter 164
Karin Schubert: Feuer der Begierden Mike Hunter, alternative title