Le port aux putes (1984)

Three French prostitutes, finding the harbor docks too chilly for their scanty outfits, recess to a nearby arcade. One of them (Michelle Villers) manages to attract the attention of a male there (John Oury), and the two head off to the French equivalent of a Japanese ‘love hotel’. The other two hookers (Laura May & Marianne Aubert) catch the eye of Gabriel Pontello while playing foosball. He leaves his pinball machine to instruct them on playing tips. Marianne is plucked from the scene by a male (Richard Lemieuvre) who just won some money playing horseshoes. Off they go to the same hotel but the only room available for them is the same room which is occupied by the first couple. They have finished and are dressing, but it is still a dilemma when the hotel clerk opens the door for Richard and Marianne. The three females meet up back at the arcade. Gabriel reappears and picks up all of them by dangling the keys to his Buick Le Sabre. He drives them to his mansion. He is staging a sex party there that evening, and the three of them shall be the star attractions. His resident clothes designer, a gay male, decides to design some special outfits for the ladies. He sweats and frets and we get a glimpse all three of our females undressed. The next scene opens that evening when two other females mysteriously appear and the party begins