Blowdry [Classic XXX Shampoo Parody] (1976)

The growing appreciation for ’70s porno chic (when hardcore actually had a plot, a budget, attempts at real acting, and lensing on actual film) has resulted in some welcome special editions, and another company, Halo Park, tosses its hat (among other things) into the ring with a decked-out edition of Blow Dry, a lesser-known porno spoof from 1976.

Obviously modeled after Shampoo but a heck of a lot weirder, it begins with enterprising hairdresser Warren (played by short-lived stud “Pepe”) tearing through a string of fantasy conquests before settling into his everyday job, where he has to contend with a swishy rival stylist, Percy (Jamie Gillis in a non-sex role probably drawing on his experience from Boynapped), as well as a host of colorful clients and contacts like Maggie Glitter (industry vet Helen Madigan) and cameoing players like Ultra Max, Crystal Sync, and the ubiquitous Richard Bolla (aka Robert Kerman), who was bouncing between hardcore projects and stuff like Cannibal Holocaust.

It’s all short (74 minutes), lighthearted fun from one-shot director Joey Vincent, with a few stylish flourishes to keep things interesting (watch for those neon interiors!) and some amusing comedy with Warren basically romping from one dirty situation to another. (The lengthy stable sequence is a particular standout.) The biggest extra here is a feature-length Bolla commentary; he doesn’t talk too much about this actual film (not surprising since he probably worked on it for a day), but he goes into great detail about his career and the state of the burgeoning industry in the mid-’70s. Also included is a quick trailer reel for familiar titles like Skintight and Ultra Flesh…“description taken from Amazon”