Gunilla (1971)


Using several aliases, Nick Millard made many groundbreaking sexploitation flicks in the 60’s and early 70’s, usually with a lesbian or fetish theme, mostly with really hot naked babes. His trademark voice-over style with jazz soundtrack was a result of filming as cheaply and quickly as possible.

Nick Philips, the director of Les Chic and Dr. Christina Of Sweden, directed this lesser-known, but more intensely fetishistic erotic fim. The story focuses on Gunilla, a beautiful young Swedish lesbian, is dumped by her French girlfriend. Gunilla, heartbroken, gets on a plane heads to the ski slopes of northern California to console herself. Fixated on black leather boots, she wanders about aimlessly, looking for love in all the wrong places. She spends her time pleasuring herself, skiing, playing peeping tom on her neighbors, snow-mobiling, befriending Marlene, an older and more experienced lesbian, sight-seeing around the ski resort & generally losing herself in her own fantasy world. The voice-over narration is the real attraction of this film for me. It is truly hilarious. Examples: “I had an insatiable desire to fondle elegant boots. Boots were indeed a delight.” “I decided to go for a drive instead of masturbating.” (How often have we all been faced with this decision?) “I vanted her to bite me. To bite me hard until I shouted with joy!” “I’d never had such a hot piece. This was equisite pussy!” This being a Philips film, the story unfolds without a proper soundtrack, the dead air filled with badly recorded jazz riffs and pretentious voice-overs that more often than not lapse into comic absurdities. There is something to be said for Philips’ handheld, improvisational aesthetic – at times, the film is reminiscent of some of the more fascinating examples of Jess Franco’s peculiarly personal brand of off-the-cuff cinema. This one contains about a 10 minute unsimulated sex scene in the middle of the film. The other sex stuff is girl-on-girl, minimal insertions, mostly softcore action.