Caligula’s Spawn (2009)

Caligula’s Spawn is celebrated director Lloyd A. Simandl’s ambitious and moving tale of lust, debauchery and the resilience of the human spirit. The beautiful and dangerous slave trader Druscilla [Rena Riffel] practises all the customs of ancient Rome – everything in excess. But even excess can have its limits and the punishments can be very severe if she crosses the line with Flavius and risks falling out of favor. Druscilla and Baudica continue to take great risks for what they hope will be great rewards in their slave trading of beautiful young women. A Germanic slave trader is tired of only bringing in wayward peasant girls and instructs her thugs to capture some chicks with more respectable pedigrees.

When a few such well-bred young ladies do come her way, she sells them to Druscilla, who is supposed to be the widow of Caligula. One of those abducted is the daughter of a German noble and this proves to have disastrous consequences. The Roman authorities eventually realize that Drucilla and her business associate Baudica have been kidnapping young women of noble background for use as sex slaves. So a few centurions stop by and put an end to this operation. Druscilla and company are then forced to become the slaves of the main female protagonist and her friends as punishment. It’s a pretty intricate and nuanced plot with a few lesbian orgies thrown in for added enjoyment.
CAST: Rena Riffel, Lena Drasova & John Comer