The Ganja Express (1978)

Toni is a smart drug smuggler, living in a luxurious home by the beach. The pot (ganja) producers pack it in crates, take it from Jamaica to a precise point of New England waters, and dump it in the sea. With no apparent connection with them, a couple of scuba-divers later retrieve the crates to their own boat, then take it in an old low-flying biplane to the continent. And then a third party will distribute to the consumers. The Narcotics Bureau has its informers, of course, but it seems the monthly Ganja Express can’t be stopped. Eventually it will come ashore, in a mix of sex and violence, during an orgy at Toni’s place.

Cast: (partial)

Annie Sprinkle
Catherine Burgess
Juliet Graham
Terri Hall

Bobby Astyr
Don Peterson
Jack Teague
Jamie Gillis
Jeffrey Hurst
Roger Caine
Sonny Landham