No Calor do Buraco (1985)

Brazilian crazy director/actor Sady Baby’s most weird film!

Here’s a little plot, but the movie is much more:Finding his wife being raped, man kills the offender with touches of cruelty. The wife, scared by her husband’s violence, runs away. He then moves to São Paulo and starts a series of sex crimes.From IMDb:Sady Baby’s “NO CALORE DO BURACO” was and is (in my mind) the heart of Cinema ‘Boca Do Lixo’, otherwise known as the Mouth of Garbage Cinema.What porn was to the US and Europe in the 70’s happened in Brasil (mainly in Sao Paolo) during the 80’s. Most of these films were shot on 16mm, sometimes 35mm – With guerrilla style budgets, often depicting the harsh underbelly of Sao Paolo, using strong (and often extreme) themes of sex and violence.Sady Baby pretty much sums it up here with this truly unbelievable film. Depraved is not a strong enough word to describe this monster. But look, if you’re into extreme cinema, this might be for you. What’s interesting is that Sady Baby (a kind-of auteur in his own way) combines a lot of elements: The most impressive thing being that the film doesn’t drag on like so many porno’s do. It has a brutal, no messing about edge to its physical, sometimes slapstick narrative. Pretty well shot. Well paced. Drags a little here and there. But this is the 59 minute version, the only print available to my knowledge. The original version is posted at around 100 minutes. Yikes!!