Linda (1981)

“This is a lesser known feature from Jesus Franco, at least I had never heard about it before. But of course, the man have done more movies than any other director alive, so a handful of titles need to vanish to obscurity. ‘Linda’ might not be among the finest by Franco but it is still a worthy effort for most fans of sleazy Euro-trash. A titular teenager get a vacation from the nun controlled boarding house(where the virginal girl practice for her first time with the other girls!). She head for a island in the Mediterranean Sea to visit her older sister, Betsy who are working at a fancy hotel. Unfortunately Betsy have got into some serious trouble with the corrupt managers, she have become locked up and forced to work in the sleazy brothel that the hotel cover! Actually this is two separate stories that culminate in the end. Linda is unaware of her sisters case and spend her time fooling around with a young stud she have met, who gladly will help her get rid of her virginity! While Betsy must go through endless sexual humiliation and and torture, under control of a vicious female pimp and her goons. The dubbing is amateurish and the soundtrack is hopeless dated, but Franco have done his best to mix the erotic with exploitational sadism, WIP aesthetic and classic pulp novel style fetishism. The movie is beautiful shot and the female cast generally looks great!”

Alternate Titles
Captive Women
Die Nackten Superhexen vom Rio Amore
Naked Super Witches of the Rio Amore
Orgía de ninfómanas
Orgy of the Nymphomaniacs
The Story of Linda