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Die Maßlosen (1979)

Alternate Titles
Las Furiosas uterinas Spain Hemmungslos Wara Video

A market research institute specialising in delicate matters has just been given a new commission, to conduct research on extra-marital sex. Therefore secretary Elvira Schlecker (XNK4624) is calling up the researchers, e.g. Miss Nudelzahn (XNk4625), while her favourite colleague, Klaus Stossberger (Peter Bond), is as usual having sex with someone, in this case a certain Karin (XNK2803).

We observe Klaus at his work interviewing people, and his third interviewee tells about his foursome with three girls (XNK4626, XNK4627, XNk4628), and how his wife Jane (Jane Iwanoff) would still get him up afterwards. That is sufficient information for Klaus to hire Jane on the spot as his new assistant – after all he needs someone to fellate him while he is driving.

For the second investigative topic, prostitution, the street interviews (BTW: all with male porn stars) prove less fruitful, and so Klaus and Jane visit a brothel to observe whores (e.g. XNK4629) talking to their clients. One of them (XNK2089) shows them a one-way mirror, where they can observe her and one of her colleagues (XNk4630) in the act.

The final subject to be investigated is masturbation, and while a couple of elderly chaps are distinctly puzzled by the questions, two girls Klaus is interviewing at a bus stop (XNK4631, XNK4632) admit to practising it. However, on the bus they demonstrate that they have no difficulty pulling, and proceed to pull a fellow passenger’s todger out of his trousers for a good licking, an act that is only slightly disturbed by a conductor checking their tickets.

Subsequently everone is heading for the next Bierkeller where an orgy quickly ensues (XNK4631, XNK4632 again).

Date: May 19, 2020