Sweet Savage (1979)

CAST: Beth Anna, Eileen Welles, Desiree West, Carol Conners, Shadowlynn Neva, John Hollabaugh, Tyler Horne, Jesse Adams, John Seeman, Jack Birch, Dashill Miguele, Eddy Cannon, Andy Grey & Charles Koutz & Aldo Ray

Here is a big-budget porno film which combines explicit sex with a fable of the wild west. It even has regular Hollywood actor Aldo Ray portraying one of the bad guys. The story involves the schism between cowboys and Indians. Beth Anna is an Indian princess who is teaching in Boston. She returns home to visit her relatives. John Hollabaugh becomes infatuated with her. Meantime, Aldo Ray, Jesse Adams, John Seeman, & Charles Koutz are plotting to stoke the pot of the rivalry to use as a cover for their planned robbery of the stagecoach. This is the basis of the story. What is particularly interesting is the explicit twists and turns of the plot. Indian women are raped by the bad guys; there is an impressive Indian virgin deflowering ceremony; and the good guys try to pick up the pieces of the women who have been defiled. All of these were implied in many, many western movies. This film goes all the way. Does Aldo Ray get to shag anyone? Will John Hollabaugh win the heart (and hand) of Beth Anna? Watch and learn. Why weren’t there more films made like this? The answer is easy. Despite higher ticket prices which were charged at adult theatres, this one did not put enough bodies in the seats to cover the higher cost of production. All those extras, the horses, and the locations cost money. It probably took the ancillary market [i.e. home videocassette] for this movie to finally break even. Shadowlyn Neva (Miss Nude America) also appeared with Carol Connors in Erotic Adventures of Candy & Candy Goes to Hollywood.

This film is one of the most original and entertaining explicit films I have ever seen. Sweet Savage is a film that not only captures the feel of the old west, but captures the feel of an old hollywood western from say, Monogram pictures, or some other similar company in the 1930s-40s. A young Indian girl named Shy Dove(Beth Anna)returns to her tribe after spending some years away at an exclusive Boston boarding school. She soon encounters racism at the hands of the local white settlers, finding solace in the hands of a white man, Damon(Jon Hollabaugh). Of course this infuriates the locals(among them Hollywood actor Aldo Ray who has a small part as Mr. Banner)who believe in keeping Indian and white culture(and relations) separate, so they in turn gang rape Shy Dove. When her brother finds out about this, he promptly stages an attack of his own, kidnapping a white girl and keeping her prisoner. This further enrages the locals who plan a ghastly revenge… Sweet Savage is truly in a class all of its own both in terms of its peculiar genres as well as its very high quality production values(the film is shot on an actual Western town set) and also incorporates a great many extras(both cowboy and Indian, as the end credits put it). What makes it an even greater anomaly is the fact that the films director is in fact a WOMAN(Anne Perry, who was also the only female head of the AFAA). In fact, this is a very “sterotypically feminine” film in that it tells a heart filled love story as opposed to the stereotypically “masculine western” which is more concerned with violence and Cowboy/Indian games. A rare treat for those whose taste it is.