Demon Sex (2005)

Basically, this is a series of badly shot soft core sex scenes with a lousy story about alien DNA thrown in to frame the sex. For all of the nudity and simulated sex, it isn’t very erotic. At all.

According to the introductory voice over narration, demons were actually a race of aliens that inhabited this planet eons ago. Being essentially lazy, they bred two groups of servants: humans and Greys. Humans were aggressive and eventually wiped the Greys out. The demons got fed up with the trouble and split.

Cut to sometime in the future. A biotech firm gets contracted by the leader of a cult of witches (led by Brinke Stevens) to reverse engineer the genetic code of the demon race using a recovered demon skull. When the researcher isn’t working on this project, he is hanging out at a buddy’s strip club.

There are several scenes at the strip club. The first stripper looks like a body builder with 6-pack abs. The second stripper looks a bit goth and has some lame dry humping sex on stage with a guy that looks a little like Edward Scissorhands or Robert Smith of The Cure. Afterward, she gets hit on by the strip club manager, but refuses his advances. She and her pregnant girlfriend end up getting taken in by the coven of witches led by Brinke Stevens.

At the witch house, lots of boring sex and nudity (including the pregnant chick) follow. There is even a “rough sex” scene that is just awful, pretty laughable really, with the girl on top choking the guy on the floor while he repeatedly slaps her in the face. Eventually, he passes out and she finishes up. In another scene, the goth stripper is repeatedly cut with a knife in a ceremony that transforms her into a witch. Her blood is then fed to her naked pregnant fiend, so she will grow stronger. Eventually, she gives birth to a demon baby, and the stage is set for the eventual subjugation or extermination of humanity by the demon race.

On a positive note, the demon skull prop and computer animations in the genetics lab were decent. There is also one stripper near the end of the film that is attractive as far as strippers go, a smokin’ hot blonde wrapping herself around a pole, but she is the highlight as far as exposed skin goes. I guess this is the person listed as “Seven” in the credits. Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t leer at her nearly as long as it does on the other women in this film. Also, one of the extras on the DVD is a short feature called “Demon Treasures” that stars Johnny Legend and Brinke Stevens.

The above really doesn’t adequately convey just how lousy this movie is. I am willing to give low- budget or even micro-budget fare some slack, but this really could have been better executed. The sex scenes are shot with little sense of style or finesse. Improvements could have been made with the script too, particularly the scenes involving the scientists. Sure, there is some bloodshed for the gorehounds, but it pretty basic stuff.

This movie didn’t just SUCK, it was so PROFOUNDLY AWFUL that I had to stop every 15 or 20 minutes to recover. It was TERRIBLE.

I don’t think I have seen a movie this bad since I saw that festering, direct-to-video post-apocalyptic turd known as “Roller Blade” back in the late 1980’s. Unless you are a Brinke Stevens completist, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.