Schulmädchen-Report 2. Teil – Was Eltern den Schlaf raubt (1971)

Director: Ernst Hofbauer
Studio: Rapid Film

Starring: Friedrich von Thun, Rena Bergen, Kurt Bulau, Rolf Castell, Gunter Clemens, Jurgen Emanuel, Karin Gotz, Heidi Hansen, Willy Harlander, Hellmuth Haupt, Gerti Heibl, Hans Heiking, Elfi Helfrich, Dietrich Kerky, Astrid Kilian, Walter Kraus, Jochen Mann, Rosl Mayr, Josef Moosholzer, Jorg Nagel, Felicitas Peters, Michael Schreiner, Christine Snyder, Michael von Harbach, Eric Wedekind, Karin Wieland, Helga Wild.

Description: Based on the continued studies of Gunther Hunold, SCHOOLGIRL REPORT 2 reintroduces Friedrich von Thun as the reporter assigned to document the sexual studies of German teenagers and their unbelieveable sexual habits.
Featuring “parents” and “teachers” who supposedly wrote letters to the filmmakers in response to seeing the original SCHOOLGIRL REPORT, this film features even more teen sex and nudity! Watch as a young girl seduces her school teacher with her own brand of “homework”. Two runaways walk the streets and document their “arresting” story to the police! A high school student raises money (and a few eyebrows) when she agrees to pose for pornographic photos… and then her friends decide to join in the fun! If you are a fan of the series, then you can’t miss this one!

Alternative Titles:
Schoolgirl Report Vol 2: What Keeps Parents Awake at Night
Further Confessions of a Sixth Form Girl