Educating Julie (1984)

Director: Gail Hardman
Studio: Heritage Video International

Starring: Gail Ward, Miles Taylor, Tony Monroe, Gary Willock, Anthony Schaeffer, Angie Shaw Wright, Ann Green, Carl Warwick, Ray Naden, Ann-Louise Thomson, Sarah Pritchard, Christopher Penney, Richard Comish.

—Meet Julie. In Heritage Video’s very first naturist feature film, “Educating Julie”, Julie goes from a shy college student to a fully participating nudist, first in England, then on to Cap D’agde, a complete nudist town in France, and finally to a classy resort in Florida. Produced in 1984, this fun-filled story of a first-time nudist is now considered a collector’s item. “A true classic” and a great bargain!
—“Educating Julie,” the world’s first naturist full feature film . Julie, a student assigned to write a report on English nudists, is initially teased by her classmates about the subject. However, on her first visit, Julie finds she fits right in. Not so her cocky boyfriend, who drops out of the project in embarrassment. Julie then discovers the nudist city in France and another in Florida. She’s not shy anymore.