La Bottega del piacere (1988)

Jean-Pierre Armand runs a sex shop (the ‘bottega del piacere – shop of pleasure). Caroline Laurie and Roberto Malone are customers who play with sex toys and watch videos. Lots of American and European archive footage is used, heavily and abruptly edited, with sometimes split-second cuts. However, the credits falsely imply that this is all original footage.

Credits: Ilona Staller, Moana Pozzi, Vanessa del Rio, Vanessa (not known who this refers to), Marina Lotar, Ajita Wilson, e la splendida Marylin (Olinka Hardiman); e ancora Jean Pier Le Monde (Jean-Pierre Armand), Cristin (presumably Caroline Laurie), Sophie Hard, Annita Sachen. The last two are a mystery. Maybe one is the woman on the phone to the sex shop at the end, by implication the next customer, if so non-sex. Roberto Malone is uncredited, but appears in both original (with a moustache) and archive footage.

Many more pornstars appear including Danielle Martin, Annette Haven (a non-sex clip as a psychiatrist), Kimberley Carson, Greg Rome, Cody Nicole, Amber Lynn, Terri Hall, Jerry Butler (with Vanessa del Rio), Paul Thomas (briefly), André Kay, Peter Steiner (non-sex) and others not immediately recognisable partly because of the brevity of the clips. Gabriel Pontello appears, though his face is never seen, in the clips featuring Ajita Wilson and Marina Hedman.