Die Teuflischen Schwestern AKA Sexy Sisters (1976)

I don’t think the other reviewers are being fair. How can someone who fast forwarded through most of the movie believe he can give a fair review of it? I’m also getting a little tired of the childish jabs other reviewers give these types of movies. It gets old when every review is coming out with them and is like what I would expect from schoolchildren, not in any way clever.

There is lots of sex in this movie and yes you could justify calling it a porn movie. However there are interesting scenes in it also, the characters and situations are often spectacular and really striking. Direction, acting and characters are all great. True, the plot is very simple, but it’s more an artsy type of movie. There are all kinds of themes running through it which anyone can see.

These beautiful and elegant scenes doesn’t just come about by chance or by having beautiful girls, which are dime a dozen. If you think that then you need to watch some bad adult movies and you will appreciate the huge difference.