Os Bons Tempos Voltaram: Vamos Gozar Outra Vez (1985)

The film consists of two stories: the first one (“Hot Saturday”) takes place in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s and the second one (“April 1st”), of a more political character, takes place during the 1964 Coup in Brazil.

The first episode tells the story of Soninha (Carla Camurati), who pretends to be sick not to travel with her family and lose her virginity with her boyfriend Mário (Paulo César Grande). The second episode chronicles the context of April 1, 1964, while the coup d’état was delivered by the Army in Brazil. After her father, a sociologist, had to flee political persecution, Roberta (Kátia Lopes) goes to her uncles’ house. Roberta then seduces her cousin Edinho (Marcos Frota) and outrages his grandfather Argemiro (Dionísio Azevedo), an extremely reactionary and moralistic old man who supports the coup but constantly receives oral sex from the nurse.