Viciosas al desnudo (1980)

Here is the story of Juan Aznar, a writer who has etched a successful career by sympathizing with the emerging youth counterculture. His booking agent tells Juan that he’s being naive and the “youth of today are not worthy of his defense.” But Juan is a liberal intellectual who thinks the new hippie movement is socially healthy. Then, one day while his loving wife and kids have gone to visit parents for a holiday, two hippie girls come knocking at his door. They claim to have car problems in the rain. Juan lets the girls inside, falls victim to their seduction and soon discovers his passionate moment of weakness, and infidelity will have dire consequences.Director Esteba had a career which suffered from poor distribution in the aftermath of Spain’s severe censorship fixation during the restrictive Seventies. He made films which pushed the envelope – thus targeting them for police busts – which, in turn, caused many vendors to simply not take the showcase risk.

Starring Jack Taylor, Adriana Vega and Eva Lyberten
Directed by Manuel Esteba