French erotica movie (2000)

Starring: Lila Baumann, Christopher O’Loughlin, Gianluigi de Angeles, Olga Bousse, Nathalie Commalin, Helene Detours, Christine Arnou, Ilona Fouchet, Marine Imbert, Roxane Ferrier, Filippo Scaramucci, Maurizio Pastorelli, Alessio Salvatori, Romano Mariani, Stefano Tucciarone, Maurizio Panzironi
Description: 1930s. Anna (Lila Baumann), the primary character has reinvented herself in Italy as an actress and she is set to star and produce in a film by an Italian production house with questionable background. With these follows, the usual film industry scandals, casting couch, affairs of the stars, orgies at the producer’s mansion and a lot of other scenarios warranting nudity

Actors: Lila Baumann