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Die Insel der blutigen Plantage (1983)

A women’s prison on a tropical island is a hellhole where the inmates are raped, tortured and otherwise abused by the evil commandant and brutal guards. However, one of the guards falls in love with a beautiful inmate, and decides to help her and all the other prisoners escape.

There will always be a special little place in my black heart for lesser known subgenres.  The rarity of these hidden pieces of gold are greatly more attractive and the obscurity of them fills my insides with undying fervor; it’s like a constant wet dream of a triple naked meat sandwich concoction of Megan Fox, Jennifer Connelly and me in the middle.  A sensation I can obtain with no other, and only women in prison films can make this happen.  Just talking about the label alone – women in prison – quickly turns the blood to a popping, bubbling boil.  Major studios won’t touch this exploitation with a 100 foot pole; when was the last time you saw a women in prison feature on the big screen?  During my short life span on this rocky planet, I haven’t once been witness to such celestial cinema enlightenment.  Maybe one day films like Escape from Blood Plantation will grace the large white screens and serve to all its gratuitous violence, nudity and mayhem.

Former Nazi militants have seized control of an isolated South Pacific island and the commandeer and his men are sadistic, white supremacist torturers who force labor and sexual deviation upon the native women.  The only native males left alive are traitors of their own race who have become watchdogs for the oppressors.  A revolt is in the works as a young militant named “Hartman” falls madly in love with a beautiful native woman.  Together, they start to weave an escape from the bloody plantation, but will their desperate plans be foiled by the cruelty of the guards and their monstrous leader?

Date: December 2, 2021