Nuit d’été en ville (1990)

Director: Michel Deville
Studio: Elefilm, AAA Productions, TSF Productions, Gaumont

Starring: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Marie Trintignant
—As this film opens, Louis (Jean-Hughes Anglade) and Emilie (Marie Trintignant) have just finished making love. Emilie has brought him to her apartment for just that purpose. Theirs is a new relationship, and this is the first time they have made love together. Throughout the movie, naked and relaxed from this encounter, they chat about their lives, their previous lovers, their plans, they have small arguments and reconciliations, and they generally do what people do in those circumstances to get to know one another better. They also caress one another a great deal, preparatory to another bout of lovemaking (never shown)

—Emillie (Marie Trintignant), a teacher and Louis (Jean-Hughes Anglade), a nurseryman meet with mutual acquaintances and end the evening in the apartment of the girl who has long been deprived of illusions about the future. Having made love for the first time, they attempt to get to know one another. Neither had expected anything more than a one-night stand when he accepted an invitation from her back to her apartment one hot summer’s evening. She speaks mostly, Louis listens and looks closely. They hurt each other, console each other, laugh at the small and great cowardice of their lives. Do they have a chance to stay together for longer?