La ceinture de chasteté (1989)

“The Chastity Belt” is a Marc Dorcel feature I’d never heard of, until it arrived recently as a bonus DVD for being as they say “a good customer”. Usually such bonuses are total crap, but I’m glad I gave this vintage offering a tumble.

Of course, there has to be some reason it’s reduced to “bonus” status -in this case a French feature dubbed in Spanish with no subtitles. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I ended up enjoying a rather simple tale of wife Carole Gael, almost on screen throughout (and racking up an extraordinary number of sex scenes for one performer in a single feature) fitted out by her quirky hubby Roberto Malone with a rather well-designed modern chastity belt.

She hooks up with like-suffering women, and the video shows how clever guys manage to get the pesky encumbrances off the girls for some fancy f*cking. My rusty Spanish didn’t serve me in good stead in following the nuances of the story, but there are plenty of twists and turns involving the keys to the kingdom and that excellent character actor Malone gets to show off his acting chops.

American guest star Tracey Adams is a pleasant surprise as a glamorous woman who upstages (alongside equally busty Joy Karin’s) Carole during the middle part of the film (Adams made quite a few Italian and French videos during this time frame, when financing of larger-scale European productions was far more plentiful than in recent years).

Director Michel Ricaud is not a prominent French auteur, and an earlier incest video of his (“French Touch”/”Mother Love”) that I saw is unimpressive. I’m going to give him another shot with a Dorcel production released by Wicked Pictures: “Mansion of Desire” to see if his oeuvre is worth mining further.

Alternate Titles
The Chastity Belt
La Cintura di castità Italy, Stars Pictures
The Guard of Chastity Germany, S.A.P.
Director:Michel Ricaud
Notes:Video Marc Dorcel, also stars Tracey Adams (iafd)