Mulheres… Mulheres (1981)

It’s a softcore (almost explicit) dama written, directed and starred by Carlos Imperial, an important name of Brazilian culture, one of the first multimedia and polemic talents as he innovated in music, stage, tv, polictis and, of course, films.This film is supposedly adapted by a Pier Paolo Pasolini story. Oh, c’mon! Carlos Imperial said that in order to bring some prestigy to his movie. Of course the critics hated it. But who cares? The exuberancy of a wonderful cast of naked actresses make Mulheres… Mulheres a delight.It’s the story of Fausto and Gilda who are married for a long ime and love themselves deeply. But Gilda dies, leavng Fausto alone with their 15 year-old daughetr and a governess. Fausto female doctor is he only one wo visits them, after he sarts dreaming everynight that he is making love to his late wife. Although, when Fausto is almost reaching the orgasm, Gilda vanishes. In a few time, Fausto can’t distinguish any longer what is reality or dream.