Pensione Amore – SerVizio completo (1979)

Actors: Christian Borromeo, Lory Del Santo, Marina Daunia, Ajita Wilson, Clara Colosimo, Cha Landers, Angie Vibeker, Cosimo Milone, Francesca Guidato, Marco Bonetti, Anna Valentino, Francesco Bagagli, Piero Mazzinghi, Angela Belluzzi, Tom Felleghy

Director: Luigi Russo
Story: Enzo Doria (as Ezio Passadore), Luigi Russo

Germano is a young man who, having been accidentally discovered by his father in intimacy with the servant girl, is sent on an unwanted vacation with his mother, Madame Amour, who runs a hotel-resort by the seaside. Since Germano is sexually gifted and doesn’t mind “engaging” with the hotel’s female guests, the clientele multiplies dramatically, attracted by the young phenomenon. Germano’s willing efforts lead him to impotence from which, however, Lucy will cure him by giving herself to him on the beach.

Alternate Titles
Love Hotel All Service
Pension pour jeunes filles
Der Sexbomber