Elckerlyc (1975)

Director: Jos Stelling
Studio: Jos Stelling Filmprodukties BV

Starring: George Bruens, Henk Douze, Bob Kars, Johanna Leeuwenstein, Lucie Singeling, Frans Stelling, Geert Thijssens, Guus Westerman, Nel de Vries, Ruud van Rekum, Jan van der Steen, Gerard de Vos, Pieter Loef, Nancy Lont, Hanneke van de Velde.

Description: Elckerlyc or Elckerlijc (literally, everybody / everyman) is based on an old Dutch morality play. Everyman (George Bruens) steals and enjoys life until he meets a sweet and simple girl. They fall in love, but she dies at the hands of an idiot. Everyman decides to avenge her death on his fellow men though he doesn’t know how exactly. A story about a man and his journey, but at the same time about the escape from death, that turns into a quest. The film uses as lot of symbolism and archetypical characters such as ‘the fool’, ‘the girl’ and ‘the artist’ (the creator).