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Eugenie (Historia de una perversión) (1980)

AKA Lolita am Scheideweg

Yet another of Franco’s variations on De Sade’s PHILOSOPHY IN THE BOUDOIR. While it lacks the star power and scope compositions of DE SADE 70 and the hardcore grunginess of COCKTAIL SPECIAL, EUGENIE 80 is one of Franco’s best works of the eighties and has the elegance of the Harry Alan Towers production and is satisfyingly explicit without being XXX. Eugenie (Katja Bienert) is on vacation with her family (the resort is the same ornate building used in SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY and THE PERVERSE COUNTESS) and is noticed by a decadent couple who seduce her parents in order to initiate Eugenie into their games of perversion. Franco’s eighties regulars Antonio Mayans and Tony Skios are on hand as well as Lina Romay as the decadent couple’s “pet dog.” A must see.