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Le contrat des anges 2 (1998)

Perhaps IMDb is the wrong place to research this excellent 2-part Marc Dorcel film: it gets low ratings and I had to correct/supplement the credits rather drastically. In any event, it is among his finest achievements in a 37 year career and holds up exceedingly well against current lame efforts at porno filmmaking, including the bulk of Dorcel’s own recent releases.

Part 2, like Godfather II superior to the original, has a most unusual structure, caused by the assumption that it will be viewed in tandem with Part 1. I don’t mind, because that’s how I watch these lengthy projects, but it could throw the casual viewer.

Video opens where cliffhanger of Part 1 left off, with heroine Sophie (the beautiful, 1-shot actress Anne Sophie) arriving at the mansion next door to witness an all-stops-out masked orgy, laden with fetish and BDSM content. As her eyes pop out at the sight, we see endless beauties, a montage of cum shots, and listen to a fabulously energetic musical score provided by producer-director Dorcel himself (as he continues to do decades later, though no longer manning the director’s chair).

She is seen thrashing in bed through this nightmare and immediately following is a second sex scene continuing the orgy, spotlighting an immensely erotic redhead actress Fovea who delivers a d.p. and more money shots.

Any semblance of plot or story is delayed further with the third sex vignette, as Sophie is on location at an atmospheric marina, where she humps Senor Raymond Halmeyda (Philippe Dean) on his yacht.

Part 2’s thriller action finally emerges as Sophie arrives late for dinner with her benefactor Eugenie Foscari (top-billed Dorcel superstar Laure Sainclair), who reminds her of her “Strangers on a Train” proposal that she kill Sophie’s husband Claude (Bruno SX) so that our heroine can marry Raymond, in return for Sophie offing Eugenie’s pesky sister (and next door neighbor who hosted that film-opening orgy). Sophie again says no, and we see a virtual replay of a Part 1 scene of sex filler, in which Eugenie’s butler humps the sexy maid Marthe (Vivienne).

Next day Eugenie is off to Paris leaving Sophie alone in the mansion. When she returns, she announces a fait accompli -she has killed hubby Claude, and now it’s Sophie’s turn to kill her sister with a blue potion to add to her drink. Sophie has had no say in the matter and meekly agrees to go along with the Patricia Highsmith-inspired plan.

Meanwhile, Raymond is entertaining on his yacht a blonde even more beautiful than Sophie, none other than Silvia Saint, whose career was pioneered not by Dorcel but rather the rival Private label -destined to become the greatest European porn actress of all time.

Finale has Sophie impersonating a call girl, heading next door in full fetish regalia for a powerful lesbian scene with the mysterious masked-sister. Oddest touch here is that she humps sis with a dildo that is carefully covered in a condom – elsewhere in Part 2 the later safe-sex-obsessed Dorcel has his boy/girl scenes staged bareback, a weird juxtaposition. Ending is easily guessed but a quite satisfying twist on the story.

This is glamorous filmmaking, albeit porn, and while the script provided by Giancarlo Bini has more than its share of lapses, overall the 3-hour 2-parter is quality all the way. I wanted in vain to see more of Anne Sophie, but instead am watching the greatest hits of her American lookalike, Carmen Luvana.

Alternate Titles
Angel’s Contract 2 USA, Wicked Pictures
Die Sundige Marquise 2 Germany


Anne Sophia
Aura de Palma
Bianca Romanova as Bianca
Laure Sainclair
Lisa Crawford
Nataly Dune wears a pink wig
Sylvia Saint
Vivienne Morillo as Vivienne

Date: June 20, 2022