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Hot Rackets (1979)

Liz’s (Candida Royalle) husband Herb (Jon Martin) spends all of his time at a tennis club. She hears that all that goes on at the club is sex. So she joins the club to see for herself what is going on there.

  • Scene 1. Cris Cassidy, Jon Martin
  • Scene 2. Rhonda Jo Petty, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 3. Candida Royalle, Ray Wells
  • Scene 4. Candida Royalle
  • Scene 5. Cris Cassidy, Turk Lyon
  • Scene 6. Laurien Dominique, John Raymond
  • Scene 7. Candida Royalle, Laurien Dominique
  • Scene 8. Cris Cassidy, Turk Lyon
  • Scene 9. Cris Cassidy, Rock Steadie
  • Scene 10. Desiree Cousteau, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 11. Desiree Cousteau, Jon Martin
  • Scene 12. Candida Royalle, Laurien Dominique, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 13. Connie Peterson, Laurien Dominique, Don Fernando, Mike Ranger
  • Scene 14. Yvonne Green, John Raymond
  • Scene 15. Rhonda Jo Petty, Jon Martin