Des diamants pour l’enfer (Women Behind Bars) (1975)

“Jess Franco women in prison flick, which deals more with a robbery than the actual prison. A woman (Lina Romay) gets six years in prison after killing her jewel thief boyfriend. Once behind bars she has all sorts of wicked people trying to get her to tell where the boyfriend hid the diamonds before she shot him. This is a somewhat interesting film since Franco decided to concentrate more on the jewels rather than the behind the bars stuff. There’s still some dirty moments including tons of nudity, a lesbian scene and a couple torture sequences but this is still fairly clear for a Franco WIP film. Romay has never been accused of being a good actress but she fits her role fine here and she’s certainly cute so watching her naked isn’t a problem. Franco himself plays a gangster in the film, which is a role he did quite often during this time frame. This is the movie Franco shot at the same time and on the same sets as the bigger budgeted Barbed Wire Dolls, which is one of the all time greats of the genre.

This is one of only two Jess Franco movies to have been banned in Britain during the “video nasties” scandal of the early 1980’s, which only goes to show you that the BBFC (the British Board of Film Censors) needed to see A LOT more Jess Franco movies. This movie is pretty sick, but it is nowhere near as sick as earlier Franco WIP movies like “Barb-Wire Dolls” or “Greta, the Wicked Warden” (another Franco WIP movie “Women in Cellblock 9″ was much more recently censored by the modern-day BBFC for underage nudity, and is currently unavailable in America at all).”