Alvin Purple (1973)

Alvin Purple uses the classic English sex comedy model of a hapless, clumsy idiot who becomes an inadvertent sex symbol, gigolo and porn star! For some bizarre reason his spindly frame and inoffensive demeanor he’s irresistible to women – all he really wants is to herald in the Sexless Seventies', and instead he finds a naked Jacki Weaver on his beanbag waiting for acup of sugar’. It’s a case of you've never had it so good, mate' - an assortment of crackers, nymphos andtop sorts’ can’t seem to get enough of Purple. His problem starts in high school, persued by a flock of screaming teeny girls on bikes, when he’s taken in and comforted' by his teacher's wife. An absolute dill at everything he tries, he goes from one deadend job to another (in a classic nude bodypainting scene, Alvin smears purple paint on his - erm - a waterbed salesman he ends up in bed with a customer and spears the bed with his spikes). He goes to a psychiatrist to cure him of his rampant libido, who recommends him to the mysterious Dr McBurney (George Whaley), a charlatan who rents out Alvin as a bogus sex therapist to bored housewives and slips them the oldPurple Method’. Naturally the whole sordid business is exposed, and Alvin winds up in court in front of a crusty porn-obsessed Judge (Noel Ferrier).