Tara Tara Tara Tara (1980)

Uptight fashion model Tara (buxom platinum blonde goddess Seka) has trouble dealing with the amorous advances of sleazy photographer Hal (the incomparable Jamie Gillis in top scuzzy form). The severity of the situation is compounded after Tara discovers that her father Fred (well played by Zebedy Colt) has become involved with the much younger Angie (a delightfully vibrant portrayal by the gorgeous Veronica Hart).

Writer/director Leonard Kirtman keeps the enjoyably sordid story zipping along at a brisk pace, makes nice use of various New York City locations, and cheerfully preaches and practices a carefree “If it feels good, do it” philosophy. The sex scenes are pretty raunchy and graphic, with profane dialogue, a down’n’dirty tone, some rather annoying dubbed-in moaning and groaning, and graphic close-ups that sure ain’t for the prudish. A girl/girl set piece between Seka and Hart rates as a definite scorching highlight; the inevitable climactic orgy likewise seriously sizzles. Samantha Fox burns up the screen as Tara’s randy gal pal Joyce while Bobby Astyr contributes an amusing turn as the hapless and exhausted Allan. Worth a watch for aficionados of Golden Age adult fare.

  • Scene 1. Veronica Hart, Zebedy Colt
  • Scene 2. Merle Michaels, Seka, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 3. Seka, Veronica Hart
  • Scene 4. Veronica Hart, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 5. Merle Michaels, Seka
  • Scene 6. Samantha Fox, Bobby Brigante, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 7. Samantha Fox, Bobby Brigante
  • Scene 8. Seka, Bobby Astyr
  • Scene 9. Barbara Daniels, Bobbie Burns, Lee Stevens, Merle Michaels, Merle Michaels, Robin Sane, Seka, Tracy, Veronica Hart, Alan Adrian, Bobby Brigante, David Ruby, Jamie Gillis, John Gold, Mike Feline, Nathan Gillette, Ron Jeremy