Komm nur, mein liebstes Vögelein (1968)

Director: Rolf Thiele
Studio: Roxy Film, Sancro International Film

Starring: Maria Raber, Peter Hohberger, Tanja Gruber, Kim Dimon, Marius Aicher, Bernd Kampka, Herbert Kersten, Kurt Strauss, Hans Terofal, Walter Cubelik, Evelyn Rolleder, Eduard Springer, Manfred Hoffmann, Michael Schrenk, Astrid Boner

Description: When looking at the screenshots, “Komm nur, mein liebstes Vogelein” appears to be just another german exploitation movies with a lot of T&A and silly things going on. In fact it’s a really well done trip through german history (of morality) with a great sense of humor. The historical events are portrayed in a satirical way and are also quite accurate. Even if you don’t care about german history, there are still enough lovely ladies withouth clothes included to keep you entertained.

Alternative Titles:
Come Now, My Dear Little Bird
Viens, mon petit oiseau
Dio me l’ha data, guai a chi la tocca