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Dirty Love (1988)

Director: Joe D’Amato
Studio: Filmirage, Variety Film Production

Starring: Valentine Demy, Cully Holland, Lisa Lowenstein, Jeff Stryker, Jannet Lori, Reggie Crump, Louis Vivian, Rick Anthony Munroe, Melody Kirschner, Anita Randolph, Elizabeth Crawford, Amy Garmon, Gina Mallardi, Donna Palmer, Reid Hutchins
Description: Valentine Demy and Susan Little star in this erotic tale of a young girl who sets off from the suburbs of New York City to seek fame as a dancer on Broadway. She finds that her exuberant body brings her into contact with many different facets of the Broadway nightlife, with sex as the dominant factor.

Alternative Titles:
11 Days 11 Nights: Part 5 – Dirty Love
Madchen fur verbotene Spielchen, 2. Teil
Sexy dancing

Date: December 20, 2021
Actors: Valentine Demy