Los Violadores (1981)

AKA Mad Foxes (1981)

Hal (Jose Grás) is very rich and enjoys life to the fullest. His pride and joy is a Stingray with the women he is towing. One evening he is traveling with Babsy (Andrea Albany). She just their 18th Birthday and the two want to celebrate it together. On the way to the disco Hal is persuaded by a gang of Nazi motorcycle rocker to a race that ends in death for one of the rockers. Hal and Babsy not particularly bother this and they just continue to celebrate. On the way home, the two are caught by the gang. Babsy is raped and beaten Hal. Hal seeks revenge and strikes back together with his buddies from the martial arts school. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. By and by decimating both sides.

“Mad Foxes” has to be seen to be believed.It’s a tasteless exploitation trash with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.We meet Hal who is trying to get his drunk 18-year-old virgin girlfriend home to have sex with her.Unfortunately he is violently beaten by Nazi-loving bikers who rape his girl.Hal recruits some kickboxers to invade the funeral the bikers are throwing for a fallen comrade at an amphitheater.They beat up the bikers and castrate their leader.Later Hal picks up a sexy hitchhiker and takes her to his parents country villa.While he’s out shagging her,the bikers show up and slaughter his family and the servants.Now it’s time for bloody revenge…Unbelievably stupid trash loaded with gory violence and sleaze.The direction is weak,the acting is abysmal and some scenes are delightfully absurd.Still “Mad Foxes” is an exploitation classic.