Erotik im Beruf – Was jeder Personalchef gern verschweigt (1971)

German smut&sleaze director Hofbauer tackles the subject of “sex at the office” in this little weird flick. While this will never make it as one of those sexual-harassment-in-the-workplace training videos, it’s certainly a lot more fun. The frame story involves a male boss who is caught en flagrante with a female underling by the the cleaning staff. Although the actress (Karin Field from “The Mad Butcher”) looks nearly 30, her character is actually 18, yet (in the confused English audio version) also “underage”. So while the legal magistrates decide the man’s fate, two reporters decide to go out and “research” other stories about illicit office sex.

Pretty weak sleaze effort by the german smut legend Hofbauer and only recommended for 70’s nerds with strong nostalgic issues. Picture quality is pretty shitty up to totally meh, the acting and all around story is mediocre up to laughable (well, what did you expect?) and Hofbauer even manages to promote some of his previous, much more successfull efforts like Schulmädchen-Report, which he shamelessly puts behind as a poster while interviewing pedestrians.