La mansión de Araucaima (1986)

Second feature from Caliwood’s member Carlos Mayolo (i also uploaded the first one some time ago, you’ll find it in the COCKS page linked above); a highly enjoyable erotic flick containing plenty of boobs, vaginas and sex. It ranges from interracial sex, to sexual encounters between a young lady and a sadomasochist monk. Ok, but what is the movie about, you may ask yourself?
A young model is filming a advertisment but, because of she acts like a diva and she’s generally very unprofessional the filming stops giving her the time to wonder of into Cali’s countryside, where she finds a strange manor inhabited by various people, social rejects who appers to have be living there since forever and who pass the time in a bohemien lifestyle, passing time fucking each other, doing strange rites, and having “ancient roman”-like baths. With the arrivial of our young protagonist the delicate equilibrium made up of herachies and sex will be thrown out of the window…
Basically sex, more sex, boobs, also a murder and the main villan is the house itself, a place that has an “strange aura” and seems to keeps the people inside safe but prisoners of it (never fully explained in the movie itself, tbf)
Cast include the director and his friend/Caliwood’s co-founder Luis Ospina but also the great José Lewgoy who totally steal all the scenes he’s in.
Here’s is a more “professional” synopsis from MUBI:

Quote:A young model runs away from the set of a commercial spot she’s filming, and enter the mansion of Araucaima, where its dwellers indulge in strange rites.

Often overlooked because of the more succesful and “strange” Carne de tu Carne, this is still a very very very good one and very much underrated. Sadly it is even more difficult to find that the other Mayolo’s film, having enjoyed more screening in TV in Colombia, but at abysmal video quality and having been released in DVD but with poor mastering (compared to the other film at least). The genesis of the film is deeply connected to the previous film, the director used to define Carne de tu Carne a “tropical gothic”, term that was invented by writer Alvaro Mutis to describe this “experimental” short story of his that is the basis for this movie and shares the same name. What Mayolo added is plenty of sex and more sex.
Did i say there’s a lot of boobs?