Les liaisons perverses AKA Depraved Relations (1975)

Laurent, a photographer, is looking for a place for the photo-novel he has to make. He meets Hélène, a bourgeois, abandoned by her husband. They have an affair and Laurent uses it for sexy photos. But Philippe, her husband, learns of this affair and hires a private detective.

A finely executed French drama which manages to avoid sensation to obtain its interesting effects. A shallow and selfish young Parisienne photographer seduces the young wife of a business. The photographer’s feelings of immortality ensnares the young woman in a betrayal of her middle-class values. However, despite the attempts of the photographer to exploit the woman’s situation, her genuine substance and intelligence provides for an interesting solution. This one has echoes of Blow-Up, Peeping Tom & Last Tango In Paris although not as nearly accomplished as those three classic films about obsession, sex and photography.