Passions déchaînées (1982)

Director: Claude Pierson (as Andree Marchand)

Starring: Yves Callas, Hubert Geral, Andre Kay, Carole Pierac, Obaya Roberts, Guy Royer, Dominique Saint Claire, Helene Shirley
Description: At least three other females, whose faces were difficult to capture, take part in the orgy in the nightclub.

Dominique St Clair plays a concert pianist, Claire Dassas, who falls for an Italian engineer, Adelmo Belli (Yves Callas). However, she fails to keep an eye on things and he marries her cousin, and they have a child. One day a bunch of villains raid their villa. Claire is completely traumatised by this, gives up her career and contemplates suicide herself. Nicole Segaud stops her just in time and takes her in and they begin a lesbian affair. Jobwise they are working in a nightclub/brothel and one day Claire’s former manager, Eddy, discovers her there (when he’s visiting the establishment with Carole Pierac). Eventually st Claire finds her way back to Adelmo and they live happily ever after.

Alternative Title:
Tochter aus gutem Hause