Gefangene Frauen (Island Women) (1980)

This review is of the German DVD from ABC, from their “Erotic Classics” series. (and coming from someone who has a strong dislike for porn films!) I began watching “Gefangene Frauen” (Caged Women) with absolutely no expectations. I was surprised to find that, for what it is, it delivers what it promises, and what one would expect from this genre of film. The simplistic story deals with a group of girls being kidnapped by soldiers, from a whorehouse, of all places. The girls are taken to a mysterious prison located on a beautiful island. Of course this is all an excuse to show a lot of sex and nudity. but the production values, cinematography, and style make this one stand out among so many films of this kind. First of all, it features a collection of truly gorgeous women, with the most perfect bodies you could ever hope to find in adult film. Brigitte Lahaie, here in her prime, has the most perfect, gorgeous body and face I have ever seen! And she is almost upstaged (but not quite) by the other ravishing prisoners of “Red Island.”