Chacun sa nuit (2006)

DISCLAIMER: despite all the nekkid boobs in the screen shots this film contains homosexual content – not that there is anything wrong with that.

This review is from: One to Another (DVD)
This movie almost remind me of The Dreamers (Original Uncut NC-17 Version) a marvelous film – charming, moving, sexy, political, nostalgic In spite of the ridiculous NC-17 rating, highly recommended for all teenagers. “One to Another” explores five characters who live in a town in provincial France. At the center of it all is Pierre (Arthur Dupont), a conceited and vain bisexual musician in his late teens who acts as a magnet, to varying degrees, for a whole array of characters — from his sister, Lucie (Lizzie Brocheré),The siblings lie around naked, with matching strawberry birthmarks prominently displayed on their cheek-to-cheek posteriors. Lucie listens passively as Pierre spouts pithy thoughts about sexual aggression replacing political activism as a tool of youthful revolt.

Pierre’s experiments with his sexual powers soon extend to paying relationships with the town elders — including dim-lit orgies in upscale living rooms — and complete sexual domination over the other members of the gang. When he disappears and is later found savagely beaten to death, suspects abound.

The directors have conceived their pic as a cross between a crime thriller and an incestuous love story, with Lucie as the narrative center, driving the search for Pierre’s killers. Unfortunately, however, she moves the story forward and backward in time through the rather tired device of writing out her memories for a shrink.

The casting of the boys are annoyingly unattentive. They all look so undistinguishable from each other. It takes forever to recognize who’s who. But the film is awfully sensual and often mesmerizing. The lead actress is captivating.Although the mystery of Pierre’s murder is intensified rather than resolved by the revelation of those responsible, the killing provides a storyline for an aimless succession of sex and/or sunbathing scenes, which otherwise are only broken up by a run-of-the-mill rock band formed by the free-love group. It’s not a masterpiece but it certainly is good.