Sex & Fury (Furyô anego den: Inoshika Ochô) (1973)

Sex & Fury, one of the wildest, most violent, just-plain-entertaining Japanese sexploitation pictures from the 1970s! Starring the smoldering young “Pinky Violence” actress Reiko Ike (veteran of the Girl Boss aka Sukeban film series) as Ocho, a gambler and pickpocket in Meiji Era Tokyo.

After sheltering a fleeing anarchist, Ocho encounters the three villains responsible for her father’s murder, and runs afoul of various yakuza members who want her dead. A European spy (the beautiful, Christina Lindberg – Thriller: A Cruel Picture), whose sadistic boss has his own nefarious plans, complicates matters.

This is a rip-roaring action saga filled with beautiful bodies, bloody swordplay, and psychedelic imagery – all beautifully photographed in a number of astonishing setpieces. Directed by Norifumi Suzuki (who fathered the ‘Sukeban’ genre), Sex & Fury transcends the pop culture realm to achieve genuine art.