Der må være en sengekant! (1975)

A handsome young sunlamp salesman’s amorous endeavors with his wife become too inventive for her, and she leaves him to return to her mother’s house. He takes up bachelor life with gusto, and beds many of the women who come to comfort him.

This is the sixth of eight Danish bedside (sengekanten) comedies from the 70s. It is also known as Danish Pillow Talk in English.

Starring: Søren Strømberg, Ole Søltoft, Vivi Rau, Annie Birgit Garde, Lise-Lotte Norup, Anne Bie Warburg, Mette von Kohl, Paul Hagen, Steen Frøhne, Lisbeth Olsen, Arthur Jensen & Ulla Jessen.