Verlorene Eier (1976)

A serial sex offender is on the loose, mutilating the sexual organs of his male victims. The police seek profiling advice from the local sex clinic.

Director:Alan Vydra
Notes:video released by Beate Uhse, DVD by Tabu
Alternate Titles
Sex-Wahn in der Psychiatrie

The story is about the madman “Badman” who goes around cutting people’s testicles off. The police contact the local sex clinic for profiling and other advice. At the clinic we see treatments to enhance sexual performance in full working order, e.g. after Markus supplies Jankowski with his newest sex drug the man performs for hours with a nurse (XNK0734), and the TV is showing this advance in science to the nation. After a couple of sessions of intercourse, Markus checks Jankowski’s physical condition and then we are treated to the immortal dialogue:

Markus: How do you feel?

Jankowski: Horny!!!

Markus: That is good.

Best bit is perhaps a group orgy about 45 minutes into the film – the orgy itself is nothing special, but you will be hard pushed to find a better edited scene in porn (any period), and for a change the underlying music fits the pictures excellently.

Also very good is the ending, even if it is devoid of sexual content (spoiler coming up!): Suspecting rightly that something fishy is going on at the clinic, the police inspector enters the institute in disguise – fully bugged up. However, his incompetent assistant fails to get the bugging equipment properly wired. Eventually he notices, but once he has mended the problem the receiving device only blasts out a Heintje song – insinuating that Badman has found another victim. [Heintje was a famous Dutch boy singer in the early 1970s.]